Cagri Kanver Presents Multi-awarded East 37th Street Skyscraper by Perkins+Will

01. March 2017 News 0
The East 37th Street Residential Tower, by developer Nef of Turkey, received praise during an
international conference as it was unveiled. This new Manhattan high-rise project was
conceptualized with no less than the New York office of global architecture and design firm
Perkins+Will. This is the first project in Manhattan by a famous Turkish developer, said Cagri
Kanver, Turkey and CIS Regional Director for Perkins+Will. Nef has a unique concept for
residential development in Istanbul and Europe.
The state-of- the-art 65-story skyscraper has been the talk of the town since its launching, and
was recognized by award-giving bodies as recipient of the MIPIM Architectural Review Future
Projects Award in the Tall Buildings category, which is Perkins+Wills third time to receive such

Cagri Kanver - 37th Street Skyscraper by Perkins+Will
37th Street Skyscraper by Perkins+Will – Cagri Kanver
The skyscraper is over 700 feet tall, which represents one in a series of highly anticipated and
acclaimed projects in New York City by Perkins+Will. The firm has been working on applauded
developments in New York recently, including the programming and design services for the 3.7
million square foot United Nations Building and Lehman Colleges LEED Platinum Science
The launch of the East 37th Street Residential Tower by developer Nef of Turkey, and the award
it received, showcases the firms specialization in urban architecture. Perkins+Will works
brilliantly in architectures tailored to the Midtown Manhattan context, while perfectly
combining it with the clients unique brand.
Building Features
One unique feature of this residential building is that it has has five clusters of shared amenity
and park spaces for residents to enjoy. Unlike other condominium towers, which use small
exterior balconies or have all shared spaces concentrated in one area, East 37th Street
Residential Tower, have them spaced along the tower.
Robert Goodwin, FAIA, Design Director for the New York office of Perkins+Will asserted that,
the design of the Midtown Residential Tower creates five unique but interconnected blocks of
social and community zones to foster a vertical urban community. This adds a diverse urban
landscape and various mixtures of city life to high-rise living, a dynamic and sustainable
departure from typical condominium developments.
This New York project is also our first to introduce our brand Foldhome abroad, a symbol of
lifestyles steeped with high-quality design, said the Nef Board Member, Erden Timur. The
design is based on life in Manhattan and the needs of the people, and it aims to bring residents
a breath of fresh air and more opportunities to socialize. Turkey and Nef are proud to unveil
this design and concept, a true first in the real estate industry.
Perkins+Will also assured that the East 37th Street Residential Tower also made use of
environmentally sensitive elements and techniques to improve the quality of city life for the
residents. For example, there are five open-air gardens, arranged in an overlapping and angled
way, with diverse spaces all within easy reach, within four stories maximum, from any given
condominium unit.
The idea is to create a new kind of communal ecosystem of social relationships within a thin
tower design, said Scott Allen, an associate architect and designer with Perkins+Will. Rather
than giving residents small, almost unusable balconies as seen in many towers, they will enjoy
big community terraces that are the kind of social and interactive spaces in high demand
Each community space features a variety of amenities including event rooms, a chefs table,
private yoga studio, art room, exterior Jacuzzi, fitness room, terraced gardens, an outdoor
cinema, observatory, and there is also an infinity pool and roof terrace garden at the top level.
Wind speeds are controlled by architectural screening and outdoor space configuration,
considering that speeds can be higher in upper floors of tall buildings. The structure and
organization of the tower are equally sleek and innovative, yet safe and secure. To achieve a
completely flexible and adaptable floor plate, the entire structural system is shifted to the
exterior perimeter and arranged in a thin, 17-inch by 19-inch steel diagrid with a concrete core.
This hybrid steel-and- concrete structure allows for flexibility in unit layout and reduces the
overall thickness of the interior elevator core by about 50 percent said Goodwin.
The exterior area for each terrace does not incur a penalty against the buildings overall zoned
floor-to- area ratio, or FAR.
The MIPIM Awards organizers received more than 2,400 nominees from 22 countries, from
which only 155 projects and products have earned the prestigious award. The honor given to
the East 37th Street Residential Tower in 2015 are from MIPIM, an international real estate
organization, in cooperation with the renowned London magazine, The Architectural Review, to
celebrate excellence in un-built or incomplete projects spanning across 12 categories from
around the world.
This year is the third MIPIM award for Perkins+Will in six years. The firm has been a recipient of
the same Future Project Award for its Sail Tower hotel and residential project in Jeddah, Saudi
Arabia in 2009 and the Al-Birr Foundation Headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2010.

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